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Tech Entrepreneur Fellowship

Investing in the entrepreneurial capacity of youth to drive inclusive economic growth.

Bridgemakers Tech Entrepreneur Fellowship prepares young entrepreneurs for a life-long entrepreneurial journey through leadership, business development, and tailored mentorship. 

Bridgemakers' Tech Entrepreneur Fellowship, Powered by Full Stack Saint Paul!

We are supporting and inspiring the next generation of innovators and business leaders in the Twin Cities.

This transformative program is focused on leadership development and business development to equip the digital native generation with lifelong leadership skills conducive to building, and scaling companies that create jobs and positively impact their communities. By investing in Gen-Z specifically, Bridgemakers is adding a unique value to the regions’ economy.

The program is for aspiring young entrepreneurs facing barriers to realizing their dreams. Focusing on youth from low-income backgrounds and youth of color. Our first six-month program is funded with the support of Full Stack Saint Paul. The program is designed for young tech-focused entrepreneurs (ages 18-25), prioritizing youth from low-income backgrounds, youth of color, or youth otherwise facing the most adversity. 

The 6 month cohort experience is an IMMERSIVE program to develop business and leadership skills.

We are focused on tech entrepreneurship this year, and the curriculum is designed to help you:

  • Define your ideal customer
  • Improve your idea/product
  • Create a business plan and budget
  • Tell your story and pitch
  • Build your network
  • Understand Leadership, business and technology

In addition, all participants will receive tailored mentorship and advising!

The program is based in Downtown Saint Paul at the Bridgemakers offices in Osborn 370.

The Fellowship includes $1,200 PER MONTH for 6 MONTHS through the length of the program to support living and other expenses, and includes an additional $5,000 for further development of the business.

The program will expand in 2024 and 2025 thanks to a partnership wit Ramsey County and the City of Saint Paul leveraging American Rescue Plan Act funds.


Thanks to our Partners at Full Stack Saint Paul!

“We are honored and excited to support these dynamic, young entrepreneurs as they leverage technology to
create new jobs, access new wealth-building opportunities, and work to solve some of our community’s
greatest challenges,”

– Saint Paul Mayor, Melvin Carter III

Full Stack is a public-private collaboration leveraging the power of tech and innovation to drive equitable,
resilient economic development in Saint Paul. We tell the story of our innovative people and places. We connect
business leaders to a growing network of resources, launch the next generation of tech talent, support the
places and events where innovators connect, and provide talent pathways to careers and access to ensure long-
term success. Contact us with questions or for more information.

Mayor Carter (left) pictured with Bridgemakers' Chief Impact Officer
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Reach out to Esteban Castillo at [email protected] to learn more and to inquire about how to get involved with Bridge2Success.