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Good Trouble

Good Trouble

Building bridges and stirring up Good Trouble across youth serving systems to cultivate purpose, prosperity and power for every young person.

Program Overview

Good Trouble is an outgrowth of Bridgemakers’ work in early 2022 to make schooling more engaging and motivating for youth facing the justice system as a nationally innovative violence and incarceration prevention strategy. This initiative mentored a task-force of justice system-involved youth to own their own narrative and become powerful storytellers for change. These youth convened teachers, school leaders, and county justice system leaders to develop an innovative strategy for schools to cultivate the success of each unique student and disrupt the school to prison pipeline. Our report that is based on the research and organizing Bridgemakers did with these young people, will be published shortly. Stay tuned!

Let's collaborate


Reach out to Jose Perez at [email protected] to learn more and to inquire about how to get involved with Good Trouble.

Cole Stevens
Cole Stevens